Charity number  1101968

Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom

Welcome to The Friends of Parade Gardens web pages ( Friends of Parade Gardens is a  sub group of The Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom) Whose aim is to restore and care for this Victorian sunken garden and sports facilities Queens park Home Volunteer Village Home Parade Gardens  Home Contact us

     Charity number  1101968

Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom

Seaside Bed Grasses Bed Roses and Nepeta Bed Long Beds

This was a very sad bed, years of neglect, exposed to the sand and wind from the shore, we were not quite sure how to deal with it. We knew we needed help and sent an email to Neil Lucas from Knoll gardens in Dorset (he has won at Chelsea 9 times and specialises in ornamental grasses). In our email we said we have a 10m x 2m bed with a lot of wind, a lot of sun and not much rain can you help.

He replied back to us “you do not want much do you”, he was kind enough to do a design for us free of charge and supplied all the plants at cost.


This year we had some unplanned additional flowers come up. These were from wild flowers seeds we planted elsewhere that had blown down through the Gardens and landed in the Grasses bed.

Although not planned they do provide a lovely bit of colour to the bed.

Parade Gardens Grasses Bed

We followed Neil’s plan, cleared the bed and planted the grasses.

Come the spring a wonderful array of grasses began to grow, providing a wonderful display.

With the grasses bed now matured we had a wonderful surprise, the bed was literally covered in bees, a very welcome sight.